March 2012 Release – FleetCarma Total Cost of Ownership & Electric Vehicle Monitoring

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Some months you renovate the kitchen.  Other months you install new curtains.  This month we grabbed our IKEA cards and got us some new curtains, a bunch of them.  No massive overhauls, but a lot of requested touches that we think you’ll like:

Total Cost of Ownership = Coût Total de Possession

Maintenant en français

Français.  This one’s big. The entire backend is now available in French. Big thanks to Simon for all his work on the translation and Josh for making it happen.  So should this blog update be available in French too?

Replacement Cycle.  FleetCarma was the Henry Ford of replacement cycles – You could use any replacement cycle you wanted, as long as it was 7 years.  Not anymore.  FleetCarma now lets you pick your replacement cycle.

Upstream Emissions.  Because of the debates on the correct upstream emissions factors I have been battling against adding this.  But Eric has beaten me into submission.  The default is zero, but if you’d like to add upstream emissions factor for gasoline and/or electricity, play away.  US electricity mix = 670 gGHG/kWh, Canadian mix = 200 gGHG/kWh, Quebec mix = 2 (yes, 2) gGHG/kWh, Wyoming mix =  980 gGHG/kWh… What to use for upstream gasoline emissions …see what you’ve started Eric.

Unit Freedom(metric & US, liquid and energy).  Some people like mpg, some like L/100km.  And the keeners like Wh/km or Wh/mile.  Now you can take your pick.  Long live unit freedom.

Electric Vehicle Logger; now in Self-Serve.  Our brand new C5 logger is now all set.  You can download the config, upload the data, and have the reports auto-generate.  It is the only logger we are aware of that works on Leafs, Volts, i-MiEVs, and Transit Connect Electrics (more to be added) so a big high-five to Spenser and Chris for all their work on this.

As always, if you have any recommendations or feedback, please let us know.  As you can see from the list above, we take your input to heart.

Don’t forget about our upcoming webinar on EVs in cold weather (March 15th) – sign-up here:

Next Release

Next month we’re focused on the Kitchen – ripping down a wall and adding a big extension to the house.  Ok, I’ve killed the metaphor.  In the next month we’re starting a couple month addition to FleetCarma that will significantly expand the number of vehicle models included.  Stay tuned!

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