20 percent of Americans say their next car will be electric

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According to a new survey conducted by AAA, 20% of Americans said that they will probably choose electric options for their next vehicle purchase. What’s impressive is that this a 15% jump from just last year. Results are attributed to lower maintenance costs than comparable internal combustion engine counterparts, improved vehicle range with recent models, and advanced safety features and technologies that are included in electric vehicles.

Range anxiety dissipating

One of the more exciting findings from the AAA survey is that range anxiety seems to be dissipating. Interestingly enough, the CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, recently said that the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance has identified a range of 300 km to be the key milestone to overcome.

Reasons for not considering electric

The study found that there are two main reasons people wouldn’t consider an electric vehicle for their next purchase. Among those unsure or unwilling to choose an electric vehicle for their next car, 63 % (↓ 9% from 2017) cited lack of charging infrastructure as a detractor while 58% (↓ 15% from 2017) expressed concern over running out of charge while driving (range anxiety). Range anxiety is less of a concern for millennials (48 %) than Generation X or Baby Boomers (64% and 66%, respectively).

Reliable vehicles are a must

Of the 20% that indicated they were going to go electric for their next vehicle purchases, 92% said that reliability of the vehicle is a major factor they look for when considering a vehicle purchase. Crash ratings, cost, acceleration and handling, and advanced safety features are all more important to those surveyed than the style, color, design, or brand of the vehicle. Findings like this suggest that OEMs should focus on safety, handling, and cost more than the look of the vehicles.

What does this mean for a vehicle fleet?

Governments and businesses are under pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to also cut costs. Many have started looking into electric (or alternative fuel) options already, but many are hesitant to make the jump. Findings like this show that everyday consumers are aware of the benefits of electric vehicles, and that the reasons people do not choose electric are starting to fade away. In turn, electric vehicles won’t seem as ‘scary’ to your fleet operators. A great place to start on your journey to an electrified fleet is with an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA). The EVSA was designed for fleet managers to have the information required to make accurate, multi-year plans with ROI and emissions reduction at the core of each report.  

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