Nissan Leaf owner uses money saved from charging to help community

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I love data.  I like to get it, analyze it and use it to tell stories.  Most of the time the stories find detailed ways in which fleets can save money by switching to electric vehicles. This post is about someone who used data to tell a really awesome story.

Over the last year we’ve had our C5 data logger gathering data for Ricardo Borba, a Nissan Leaf owner and blogger at the aptly named Canadian Leaf Blog (  Ricardo is really great to work with and gives us a ton of great product feedback. He’s not only one of former EV Champions, but a fantastic advocate for consumer EVs in Canada.  His blog details a lot of ways in which he collects and uses data on his experiences with the Leaf.  The most recent analysis absolutely takes the cake.

Some backstory:

Ricardo works for IBM Canada, who generously let him charge at work for free throughout the year.

For the holiday season, IBM Canada runs a volunteer program for families living in local shelters called Adopt-A-Family.  In order to provide for a single-parent family with two kids he needed $250.

Now, onto the super-cool use of data:

Ricardo used the data from our web portal to calculate just how much he saved by charging at work, in order to pass on to Adopt-A-Family the savings IBM Canada gave to him.  He looked at his charging logs over the last year we’ve been monitoring and calculated that he saved $113.36,  and bumped that up to $125 in order to reach half of his $250 goal.

Then he reached out to his blog followers for further donations to help him reach his goal, or even move on to adopting a second family.  Within 20 minutes he hit the $250 goal, when I checked in with him today he was  up to $316.  As always, electric vehicle enthusiasts have impressively shown what an amazing community they are.

Check out the full story over at Canadian Leaf, which has links available for donations and other neat analysis.

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