SmartCharge PG&E

SmartCharge PG&E is a collaboration between PG&E and Geotab Energy to evaluate how EVs can support California’s clean energy goals by managing EV charging when electricity demand is high. Your participation will contribute to California’s clean energy future and the adoption of EVs across the state.

Get involved, help promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

Get rewarded for charging smarter and help PG&E plan for the adoption of more EVs.

2. Connect

Seamlessly connect your Tesla vehicle.

3. Track your stats

Start logging your charging after authenticating your vehicle. View your stats in your personal online portal.

4. Get rewarded

You're ready to go. Start earning rewards and track your charging stats.

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We’re on a mission to provide a better driving and charging experience for EV owners like you. Real world charging data will help Pacific Gas and Electric Company plan and manage the electric grid to ensure charging electric vehicles stays reliable for all PG&E customers.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

SmartCharge Rewards charging dashboard accessed on telephone

Learn About Your EV by Participating

Setup is quick and easy. Create your SmartCharge account and connect your Tesla vehicle to unlock powerful information about your EV usage.

Follow your stats
Keep records and identify trends in your charging behavior.

Monthly summaries
Quickly see when and how much you charged in a given month.

Charging location
See how much you charge in Eversource’s service territory.

Common Questions

FleetCarma is a connected car EV platform that allows organizations and individuals to gather useful data insights from electric vehicles while also rewarding EV drivers for participation in utility EV programs using the SmartCharge Rewards portal.

Participants will create an account and authenticate their Tesla vehicle. Participants will be notified of demand response events throughout the study via email. During these demand response events charging will be curtailed for all vehicles which have not opted out.  Data collected are shared with participants in a personalized portal and will be used by FleetCarma and PG&E to understand EV charging impacts on the grid.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us at

You are eligible if you own or lease a Tesla vehicle, are a PG&E customer  and have complete the pre-qualification survey from Opinion Dynamics.

Get Started 

  • You’ll earn $50 for creating an account and connecting your Tesla vehicle.

Participation Bonus 

  • Earn an additional $50 upon completion of the study.

Rewards are paid on the 15th of the month via PayPal . Setup your PayPal account here.

If you do not want to use PayPal,  you may opt for an Amazon card for the full amount of rewards earned at the end of the study.

The Tesla account username and password is used to obtain an access token.  In order to ensure your information is secure, these credentials are never stored. The access token is encrypted using industry standards in transit and before storage on disk.  These tokens can only be decrypted for Tesla API read-only operations by automated processes inside FleetCarma’s network.

This study is limited to one vehicle per participant.

The study will run from June to the beginning of October.

FleetCarma will email you 24hrs before the event with the date and time of the event.

To opt out of curtailment during a demand response event, simply activate charging on your Tesla mobile app after the event has begun. Alternatively, you can unplug and then plug your vehicle back in after the start of the event.

FleetCarma will collect information about:

  • Your charging – charging state and end date and time, charging power (kW), charging energy (kWh), GPS coordinates or address of where the charging session occurred.
  • GPS charging location coordinates will be used to determine how much charging is occurring within the PG&E service territory. We only collect GPS information when you are charging, not when you are driving.
  • Personal information such as name, email, vehicle type, VIN and home address.

If you move out of state, sell your EV or simply wish to no longer participate in the program, please notify FleetCarma Support by email to end your participation in the program and for instructions on how to return your C2 device if you have not yet activated it.


Please ensure you have mobile access enabled on the Tesla vehicle you wish to connect to your SmartCharge Rewards account.  This can be completed in your vehicle under Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access.

If you have logged in with the wrong username or password multiple times while attempting to connect to your tesla account, your account may have become locked.  Please visit and reset your Tesla account password.  Once this is reset, please login to your SmartCharge Rewards account and connect to your Tesla account.

If you have changed your Tesla account credentials, the connection to your vehicle and the SmartCharge program will no longer exist.  To reset this connection, login to your SmartCharge account.  You will be prompted to re-enter your Tesla account credentials to reconnect.

If you move out of state, sell your EV or simply wish to no longer participate in the program, please notify FleetCarma Support by email to end your participation in the program.