Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Get the ease of use and flexibility of a telematics platform built specifically to your needs.

FleetCarma’s fleet management software was designed from the ground up to support your current and future vehicles. With complete electric vehicle integration, you’re able to use one platform to increase fleet efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve the safety of your drivers, and maximize EV utilization.

Manage electric, hybrid, gas and diesel vehicles on one platform.

Fleet management features built for managing electric vehicles.

FleetCarma fleet management vehicle report
Advanced Signals.

Get the most out of your EV fleet with advanced monitoring and realtime data.

Are you under pressure to add EVs to your fleet while keeping costs down, availability high, and drivers happy? Ensure a positive ROI on your EVs by tracking usage patterns – enabling you to increase utilization and optimize charging. With trip-by-trip data, automatically record electric miles traveled without having to piece together charging data. You’re also able to quickly identify locations where your vehicles are stationary for prolonged periods to improve your EV infrastructure and add critical range to your plug-in vehicles.

FleetCarma charging report
Fleet Dashboard.

Easily access all of your EV charging data.

Tracking electric vehicle charging data can be extremely tedious. You have to spend large amounts of money, log into multiple EVSP systems, and you still only get data from the stations you actually control. With an electric vehicle telematics system, you’re able to get this data at a vehicle-level, including charging from your networked EVSEs, non-networked EVSEs, and public stations. Not only does this allow you to easily calculate vehicle charging costs, but it also enables you to reimburse your drivers for home-charging and ensure that there isn’t any fraudulent use of your charging infrastructure.

FleetCarma vehicle maintenance alerts
Advanced data, enhanced ROI.

Optimize your maintenance program with OBD and enhanced vehicle signals.

Gone are the days of using pen and paper to schedule maintenance on your vehicles. Our system keeps a record of all diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) reported by the vehicle and automatically alerts you to any new ones. This means keeping up to date on all open issues and recurring alerts, allowing you to service the vehicle before an issue escalates. And with automated odometer readings, you can intelligently schedule your preventative maintenance at regular intervals. For electric vehicles, unique to FleetCarma is the ability to monitor the battery state-of-health (SOH). With SOH tracking, you can differentiate between operational issues reducing range and a fading battery.

FleetCarma fleet GPS tracking
Increase productivity.

Increase the productivity of your fleet with real-time GPS tracking.

GPS tracking can greatly help increase the efficiency of your fleet. Track the routes your vehicles are currently taking, and optimize them to make the best use of your assets – saving time, energy, and labor costs. You can also use this data to provide drivers with actionable feedback. With precise locations of your fleet vehicles, dispatchers can communicate more accurate time estimates, making for happier customers. Creating geofences around specific locations also allow for instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area.

FleetCarma fleet Monthly Summary report
Clear reporting.

Customize and automate reporting for all your fleet data.

Our user-friendly web portal provides a one-stop solution for reporting on all of the vehicles in your fleet – including light-duty, heavy-duty, and electric vehicles. Receive a comprehensive analysis of energy/fuel economy, idling, eco-driving behaviors, utilization, trouble codes, and emissions for any vehicle in your fleet. The fleet-wide report also displays an aggregate summary of all your fleet KPIs, giving you a snapshot of your fleet’s efficiency and the ability to identify key areas for improvement.

Advanced signals for better fleet management.

Fleet Snapshot

GPS tracking and a map of all your vehicles, including their driving status and current state-of-charge (if electric).

Fleet Summary

View all your fleet data, including distance, fuel efficiency, idle fraction, electricity usage, charging data, emissions, eco-driving and more for each vehicle.

Fleet Charging Report

See fleet charging data by geofence, EVSE level of charging, and by time-of-day.

Vehicle Report Dashboard

View vehicle data such as true odometer, distance driven, idle fraction, fuel consumption, eco-driving score, CO2 emissions, electricity consumption, battery health, electric fraction (for PHEVs) and more.

Trip Details

All your trips in one table – including the date, duration, distance, fuel consumption, energy consumption, starting and ending state-of-charge, ambient temperature, average & max speeds, EV fraction, auxiliary load, idle fraction, and eco-driving metrics.

Fleet Pool Dispatch

View all vehicles available within a geofence and their current state-of-charge (if electric).

Fleet Comparison

Compare and benchmark your fleet’s key metrics month-over-month.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Alerts

A summary of DTC alerts for your vehicles, including the specific diagnostics code and how long it has been opened.

Daily Summary

A daily DNA plot of your driving, resting, bulk charging, and opportunity charging events. Also see every trip represented on a map.

Charge Log

View all charging events, including location, duration, charging power, charger energy, charger loss, and starting & ending state-of-charge.

Get better tools to manage your electric vehicle fleet.

Meet our fans.

“We’ve gone from a mindset that thought we can never afford to adopt electric vehicles to a mindset that believes we can’t afford not to.”
– Jim Gudjonson, Thompson Rivers University

“…helped us model the capabilities of EVs in our applications and to build the business case with our management team. It was really a no brainer after that.”
– Suzanne Madder, Town of Oakville

“No one else can tell you with this degree of precision and customization how EVs can be incorporated into your fleet. The numbers and models speak for themselves.”
– Leon de Vreede, Town of Bridgewater

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