Realtime heavy vehicle and truck monitoring

Optimize your fleet with a full-fledged heavy-duty vehicle telematics solution.

Easily obtain the J1939 raw data you require.

Combined with a user-friendly dashboard for fleet managers, dispatch control, and maintenance personnel, FleetCarma’s heavy-duty monitoring solution includes fully supported raw data collection of J1939 and OBD data parameters such as:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Actual engine torque
  • Fuel rate
  • Accelerator pedal position
  • Ambient temperature
  • Others signals as needed
Truck interior

Existing integration with leading medium & heavy-duty EV models.

Transpower trucks

FleetCarma already supports the critical electric vehicle signals like real-time battery state of charge from leading EV models in the medium duty and heavy duty segment, including Smith Electric, Wrightspeed, Modec, Navistar, Transpower and others.

  • Improve real-time dispatching for logistics, deliveries, and customer support
  • Validate the required battery capacity for your duty cycles
  • Track all charging events and vehicle utilization in one platform

An OEM-embedded diagnostics tool with a robust customer web interface.

Our data-logger packs multiple functions into one plug-and-play device. For engineers, it provides rich vehicle performance data and real-time diagnostics. For your customers, it augments this engineering-grade data with a user-friendly, turn-key fleet management system.

  • Provide your engineering team with mission critical diagnostics capabilities in the field
  • Provide your customers with a fleet management and vehicle tracking portal
  • Custom configuration and firmware options available
Screenshot of heavy duty fleet portal

+ much more. Schedule a demo to get a full walk-through of all the features.