SmartCharge Manager, an intelligent EV charging solution for demand management.

All the tools utilities, charging providers, charging locations and fleets need to effectively manage EV charging.


Smart charging in a box.

With electric vehicle adoption in the United States expected to grow to more than 2.7 million vehicles by 2023, it is becoming increasingly essential for utilities to deploy an effective smart charging program.

FleetCarma has a simple and automated solution to help you with your demand response program:

  • Plug and play: simply clip our logger into the vehicle. No complicated install necessary.
  • Real-time vehicle and charging data: get access to vehicle-side data. Obtain the vehicle’s current battery state-of-charge, protecting the EV owner and allowing you to understand the capacity in which you have to curtail.
  • Simple reporting tools: our user-friendly web portal provides a comprehensive overview of your smart charging program. Turn data into statistics.
  • Understand charging behavior: gain a better understanding of the charging behavior in your service territory. Learn how your customers are charging and how those who may be coming in from outside of town are utilizing the grid.
FleetCarma logger used for smart charging

Use vehicle-side data for EV load management.

Screenshot of smart charging daily load profile and curtailment capacity from FleetCarma portal

Running a smart charging program without vehicle-side data can be like running it blind-folded. Using FleetCarma’s cellular logger, you can easily gain real-time insights into the vehicle. This means:

  • EV owner protection: EV owners are provided with a range of tools to protect their personal mobility needs. This includes allowing them to set a guaranteed minimum state-of-charge, set daily preferences, and allow them to manually opt-out of curtailment events.
  • A less expensive demand response program: by presenting little-to-no impact on the EV owner’s current lifestyle, it is easier and less expensive to have them engage.
  • Understand curtailment capacity: view and track the true curtailment capacity being offered to the grid by knowing the real-time battery state-of-charge of the vehicles.

Avoid demand charges and defer system service upgrades.

To encourage employee adoption of cleaner methods of transportation for their daily commute, many businesses are installing charging stations at the workplace.

FleetCarma can help you ensure that they are being utilized efficiently:

  • Avoid demand charges: by optimizing charge scheduling with user groups at one facility, you’re able to reduce your peak demand and avoid demand charges. And with real-time battery state-of-charge data, you can still ensure that the drivers will have enough charge by the time they need it.
  • Scale up EV programs: by utilizing your charging infrastructure more effectively, you’re able to scale up your EV programs without the prohibited costs of service upgrades.
Leaf at a charging station

Ready to access vehicle-side data?

A turn-key solution for your smart charging program.

Current Load Status

See the current load, active curtailment, and total curtailment capacity.

Daily Load Profile

A profile of the daily load throughout the course of the day, including unmanaged load, managed load, and minimum load.

Location of Charging Events

A map of all the vehicles currently plugged in.

Auto-Curtailment Threshold

Set the kW threshold at which curtailment will begin.

Charging Stations Overview

See the status of all the charging stations, including what vehicles are currently plugged in, their state-of-charge, their curtailment window, their active curtailment, and charging power.

Vehicle Overview

See the status of all vehicles, including their state-of-charge, time charge is needed by, their curtailment window and status, charging power, and station ID.

EV Owner Charging Preferences

Set the time for each day of the week at which charge is needed. Also auto-opt out of curtailment if current state-of-charge is under a certain threshold.

EV Owner 24hr Opt-Out

Opt-out of any curtailment for a 24 hour window.

+ much more. Schedule a demo to get a full walk-through of all the features.

The impact of EV adoption on utility grids.

A complete overview of the effect of EV adoption on electric utility grids.

The market for electric vehicles (EV) is growing and is expected to reach 3.8 million by 2020. Tesla and other players are expanding the production of electric vehicles to meet the rising demand. The EV models are becoming more affordable as a result, which in turn fuels the adoption even further. The charging infrastructure has been growing along, often supported by local governments. But how will the shift to electric vehicles impact the grid?

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