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5 Stats to Help Reduce Your Fleet’s Idling

5 Stats to Help Reduce Your Fleet’s IdlingAssuming an annual distance of 10,000 miles (or 16,000km), we’ve found that fleets spend an average of $425 each year on fuel that is wasted while idling. Multiply that number by hundreds or thousands of vehicles, and you can begin to see why millions of dollars are wasted on having vehicles sit idle.

For this ebook, we analyzed our database of vehicles that we’ve monitored to find out how and when idling is occurring in fleets, and its impact on their bottom line.

Inside “5 Stats to Help Reduce Your Fleet’s Idling” you’ll find five statistics that may help you identify areas in which your fleet may unnecessarily be idling, as well as a case study that details how to quantify preventable fuel use.

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