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The Insider Guide to Heavy-Duty Hybrids and Electrics

The Insider Guide to Heavy-Duty Hybrids and ElectricsThe essential guide for using heavy-duty hybrids or electrics in your fleet.

This guide was developed for fleet managers, municipalities, and utility providers looking to add heavy-duty hybrids and electrics, or improve the performance of their existing vehicles.

Specifically addressed are the variables that are affecting real-world performance and what can be done to maximize the benefits of heavy-duty hybrid and electric vehicles.

Our research has found fuel savings to range from as little as 6% to as high as 43%, depending on the vehicle’s duty cycle.

This eBook explains the best practices for determining which duty-cycles will produce the savings to justify hybrid or electric vehicles before they are purchased.

Inside the e-book you will find

  • What is driving the growth of heavy-duty hybrids and electric vehicles?
  • What types of hybrid and electric vehicle technologies are available?
  • How can fleet operators reliably determine if their heavy-duty application is well-suited for hybrid or electric technology?
  • How can decision-makers reliably determine if a heavy-duty hybrid or electric is worth the initial premium?

Who needs to read it?

  • Fleet managers considering heavy-duty hybrids or electrics for their fleet
  • Municipalities considering adopting hybrid or electric buses or refuse trucks
  • Fleet Managers with hybrid/electric vehicles that want to maximize their benefits and reduce their payback periods
  • Key influencers of heavy-duty hybrid and electric adoption

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