Can gamification principles help electric vehicle load management?

The principles of gamification have been applied to user-centric product and process design to influence participant behavior. Can these same concepts be applied to large challenges such as EV load management across a utility grid?

Take a look at anyone’s smartphone and you’ll be sure to find at least one app-based game. We are all compelled by the mechanics of games – scoring points, collecting rewards, competing against our friends, or even complete strangers. Gamification takes these principals and applies them in the real world, in order to prompt specific c behaviors in the users. For businesses, gamification is the process of applying these gaming mechanics in order to build audience engagement, amplify sales, or drive another behavior that is of bene t to the company. But can gamification do more for the world than simply motivate us to buy another game on our smartphones, or to spend more money with a company? Could gamification even help us to tackle massive challenges for the electrical grid as we transition away from fossil fuels?

In this guide:
– An introduction to gamification.
– The history of gamification.
– Fundamental principles.
– Real-world examples.
– Challenges of load management.
– How gamification can help.