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The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Telematics

The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Telematics

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task.

Fleet managers are responsible for keeping costs low while delivering high availability of a safe and reliable fleet of vehicles.

This means procuring the right vehicles, minimizing costs while optimizing productivity, running an efficient maintenance program, training drivers for safe and economical driving, and being aware of what is going on with your fleet at any given moment.

Luckily, this is exactly what fleet telematics was designed to help you accomplish.

In this “Ultimate Guide to Fleet Telematics” ebook, we take a look at why all solutions should not be treated equal, and what you should look for in 2016.

Inside the ebook you will find:

  • What telematics is, and how it’s used by different organizations
  • A rundown of the 4 levels of telematics, and the features/benefits that each provide
  • A checklist for fleets considering telematics

Who needs to read it?

  • The Telematics Curious. You do not currently have a telematics solution, and are wondering if it is something your organization should invest in. You want to learn what the main types of telematics are and what they deliver.
  • The Telematics Update. You have been using telematics for a while, but are looking for an update on the state of the industry. You want to learn what is new and what are some of the key features now available.
  • The Telematics Disappointed. You have a telematics solution, but aren’t getting what you expected. You want to learn what the market norms are, and if your vendor is under-performing.
  • The Telematics RFP Writer. You are scoping an RFP for telematics and want to understand what options are available and what features are most valued by fleets.

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