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Are Electric Vehicles Right for Your Fleet?

Are Electric Vehicles Right for Your Fleet?It is well known that electric vehicles are less expensive to fuel and maintain than conventional vehicles, but how can a fleet ensure that they will achieve these savings within their expected payback period?

There are a number of factors that a fleet must consider before purchasing an electric vehicle. Is the vehicle capable of completing the same duties as the vehicle it’s replacing? Will it have enough time to charge at night? And will it have a lower total cost of ownership?

We’ve found that EVs are often a capable replacement and provide considerable savings, if they are placed in the right application.

Inside this “Are Electric Vehicles Right for Your Fleet?” ebook, we offer a practical method to help you determine if electric vehicles are suited for your fleet.

Inside the e-book you will find

  • Benchmarking data from light duty vehicles in a mix of municipal fleets, utilities, university, airports and private fleet operators
  • The total cost of ownership and emissions savings fleets can realize by switching specific applications to plug-in vehicles

Who needs to read it?

  • Fleet managers tasked with integrating EVs in their fleet
  • Sustainability organizations and professionals looking to accelerate the adoption of EVs
  • Utilities looking to forge strategic partnerships with commercial clients and fleets in their service area

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