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How to Increase Utilization and Get the Most Out of Your EVs

Lessons from early adopters to help make electric vehicles work for your fleet.

How to Increase Utilization and Get the Most Out of Your EV webinar

Over the last few years, FleetCarma has worked with fleets across the globe to help them successfully integrate electric vehicles into their operations.

We recently held a webinar which shares the data gathered from our partner organizations, as well as the lessons learned from working with these early adopters.

The webinar provides you with an understanding of how to maximize the opportunities and minimize the pitfalls of purchasing electric vehicles for fleet applications.

Some of the topics covered in this webinar will be:

  • How to reduce payback periods and total cost of ownership for plug-in vehicles
  • How to strategically increase electric vehicle utilization
  • How to evaluate the suitability for an electric vehicle in your fleet’s duty cycles
  • New tools and technology that improves the operators experience with plug-in vehicles

Who Needs to Download it?

  • You are a fleet manager with electric vehicles
  • You are considering adding electric vehicles to your fleet but want to learn more about the financial benefits
  • You are in charge of integrating electric vehicle technologies into your municipality, utility or organization
  • You want to learn more about how to increase electric vehicle utilization

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