How Taxi Companies Can Gain a Competitive Advantage by Greening Their fleets

Be confident that the vehicle deployments you make will deliver a positive ROI.

In recent years, everyone has seen the changes to the taxi industry. From pressure to reduce environmental impact to the increased popularity of ridesharing apps, taxi companies must adopt the latest technologies to stay competitive. This guide lays out the current industry landscape, tips on how to green your fleet with an EVSA, and the bene ts that come with a green fleet.

In this guide:

  • Regulation changes for taxi operators.
  • Environmental Impacts of Taxi Companies
  • Legislation Enforcing the Replacement of ICE Vehicles
  • Taking a Harder Line on EV Adoption
  • EVSA for Taxi Fleets
  • Suitability of EVs for Taxi Fleets
  • Build a Charging Infrastructure – Partner with Charging Companies
  • EVs vs. Propane
  • Competitive Advantage Over Ridesharing Apps
  • Green Marketing Opportunities