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How to Responsibly Green Your Fleet

responsibly-green-fleet-ebookThe essential guide to selecting vehicles that cut costs, fuel and emissions.

If you were told that you could reduce the fuel used and emissions produced from your fleet by more than 60%, while at the same time reducing costs by more than 15%, would you do it?

We’ve developed this how-to guide for fleet managers wanting to go green with electric vehicles.

In this “How to Responsibly Green Your Fleet” ebook, we explain how fleets are identifying which vehicles in their portfolio are best suited for electric vehicles and how it saves them money.

Inside the e-book you will find

  • How to cut waste with good decision-making so that you optimize your fleet’s operations
  • How to remove the risk of bad decisions by using data from your current vehicles to simulate what you would pay for alternative vehicles
  • How to determine whether an electric vehicle will be capable of doing the job in your fleet

Who needs to read it?

  • Fleet managers considering electric vehicles for their fleet.
  • Fleet managers with emissions reduction targets (e.g. municipalities).
  • Fleet managers that want to know how to reduce both operating costs and the risk of going over budget.
  • Key influencers of electric vehicle adoption, particularly in the fleet market.

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