How Leasing Companies Can Benefit by Adopting Electric Vehicles

Be confident that the vehicle deployments you make will deliver a positive ROI.

We all know that road transportation is a major cause of air pollution, which impacts our health and well-being. With almost every one in four cars on the road being owned by a leasing company, this industry has a major opportunity to help reduce the impact of ICE vehicles on our environment. Additionally, there are many other bene ts for leasing companies when they make the switch to electric.

In this guide:

  • The Vehicle Leasing Sector and Its Impact on Air Pollution’
  • Responsibilities of a Leasing Company
  • General Trend Towards Electric Vehicles
  • Market Trends for Electric Vehicles in the Leasing Sector
  • Taking a Harder Line on EV Adoption
  • EVSA for Leasing Fleets
  • Replace ICE Vehicles
  • Travel Short Distances
  • Build a Charging Infrastructure – Partner with Charging Companies
  • Good Feeling for Customers – Green Marketing Potential