Understanding and managing EV charging load

To forecast and manage EV charging load, utilities need to understand EV charging behavior in their service territory.

Profile and manage ev charging load

EV charging behavior within a service territory is as unique as your own fingerprint. Solutions used to manage other residential loads are less effective when applied to EV charging. This is due to a large number of factors which influence EV charging. It is also because EV charging roams between the home, workplace, and public charging stations.

“It’s time to plan for electric vehicles on the grid” said the Rocky Mountain Institute in 2016, “If utilities and their regulators are not prepared for such a rapid expansion of the EV fleet, it could have negative effects on the grid.”5 Using real-world data, we’ve shown that EV charging load varies among service territories. Profiling EV charging illuminates an understanding of load on the system and local networks.

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