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Plug-in Vehicles: Optimizing Driver and Charging Behavior

Plug-in Vehicles: Optimizing Driver and Charging Behavior ebook

Here at FleetCarma we’ve talked a lot about the importance of choosing the right vehicle for the right application.

But how can you further improve efficiency once a vehicle has been deployed?

In this “Plug-in Vehicles: Optimizing Driver and Charging Behavior” ebook, we take a look at how driver and charging behavior affects operational costs.

After looking through a fleet of plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles, we determine the direct impact that eco-driving has on annual fuel cost and available range.

We also determine at what times fleet vehicles are being plugged in, and how this can be optimized to incur more charging events at off-peak hours.

Inside the e-book you will find

  • The impact of aggressive driving behavior on fuel costs and available range
  • The direct benefits of improving driver behavior and setting charging guidelines
  • A case study of a fleet who analyzed their charging behavior, and shifted their charging profile to off-peak hours through effective driver feedback

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