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Handbook to Increase Electric Vehicle Utilization in Your Fleet

Handbook to Increase Electric Vehicle Utilization in Your FleetIn a recent webinar, we discussed how fleets could reduce payback periods and operational costs by increasing how much they utilize their electric vehicles. For example, with plug-in hybrids, increasing utilization can see payback periods reduced by 1 to 4 years.

We developed this short “Handbook to Increase Electric Vehicle Utilization in Your Fleet” in order to help fleet managers develop impactful strategies to fully realize the benefits of their investment.

This includes goal setting and evaluation, driver education, HVAC monitoring and reduction, as well as charging best practices.

The tactics outlined in the handbook are essential for fleets that already have plug-in vehicles, as well as those that are considering them for the future.

Inside the e-book you will find

  • Goal setting tips for continuous improvement
  • Things to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle
  • Driver training topics
  • Auxiliary power guidelines

Who needs to read it?

  • You are a fleet manager with electric vehicles
  • You are considering adding electric vehicles to your fleet but want to learn more about the financial benefits
  • You are in charge of integrating electric vehicle technologies into your municipality, utility or organization
  • You want to learn more about how to increase electric vehicle utilization

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