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Vehicle Modeling: A Must-Have for the Fleet Management Toolbox

Vehicle Modeling: A Must-Have for the Fleet Management ToolboxVehicle modeling and simulation are incredibly powerful tools, and were once mainly only used by vehicle manufacturers.

They have since become very important assets for fleet management as well.

These tools allow fleet managers to accurately evaluate how new vehicles would perform in their fleet’s existing duty cycles – before the vehicles are purchased. This reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming pilot projects and enhances the accuracy of vehicle spec requirements.

In one study, organizations employing these tools found ways to save 16% in fleet costs while reducing fuel and emissions by more than 64%. The key has been in finding the best technology, vehicle and specs for each duty cycle in the portfolio.

Also presented in this ebook are five ways that vehicle modeling and simulation can improve your ability to write vehicle spec documents and validate your fleet purchase decisions.

Who needs to read it?

  • Individuals responsible for fleet purchase decisions
  • Individuals responsible for writing vehicle specification documents
  • Individuals in organizations looking to stay on top of the most recent fleet technologies
  • Fleets that have or are considering higher efficiency vehicles such as electrics and hybrids

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