Solve the case of EV charging load.

Easy enrolment means that drivers in your territory can start participating right away.

How it works

We believe that technology should make life easier. This is why we’ve removed barriers to allow for a streamlined setup, enrollment, and activation. Drivers are sent devices and self-install with one-click. Voila, you’re already collecting real-time data, it’s that easy.

Scalable solutions, based on your needs

Real-time system load profiling

Gain a complete understanding of all EV charging and driving.

Behavioral load shifting

Customer engagement and rewards for EV owners.

Direct load control

The EV charge management solution which guarantees state of charge.

What you get from SmartCharge Platform

Profile electric vehicle load in your service territory.

All the data you need to understand EV driving & charging behavior.

– No two utilities are alike
– Find out what you’ve been missing
– Pinpoint consumption on the grid


Shift EV charging load and win over customers by rewarding good charging.

– Clean transportation with a smile
– Reward good charging habits
– Shift EV charging load

During your SmartCharge Program

As soon as EV drivers begin participating, our cloud platform and our team goes to work.

Data that will blow you away

The most comprehensive vehicle and charging data possible, bar none. Real-time collection, organized and verified in the cloud, and used to power automation. Why use anything but the best data to base important decisions?

Here for you & your customers

With this much data, we’re counting on your questions. The good news is you’ll enjoy speaking with our program managers during regular check-ins. Get answers to your questions, advice and support from our in-house experts.

Be part of the solution

The transition to green transportation happens when passionate leadership and smart solutions work together. Help power this transition by becoming a preferred partner and help build the future of SmartCharging.

Direct load control that can guarantee drivers will have enough charge for their next trip.

– Enroll EVs in demand response programs
– Ensure drivers get enough range
– Detailed energy reporting

Customization and growth

As EV adoption increases, so will the importance of your SmartCharge program. We’ve created SmartCharge Platform to scale with your needs, if that means more EVs, integrating with existing technologies or some fine tuning, we’re ready. Are you ready?

We've helped utilities of all sizes manage EV charging.

We’ve created solutions that fit every business and scales with your needs.
Are you ready to be pleasantly surprised?

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We’ve created solutions that fit every business and scales with your needs. Are you ready to be pleasantly surprised?