Add electric vehicle charging load capacity to demand response programs.

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Detailed curtailment reporting
Demand Response signals for EV charging
Works with all EV models and chargers
Curtail charging based on battery state of charge
Real-time updates of available curtailment

Manage EV charging load, system-wide

Manage charging
Automated active load management for
electric vehicles charging.

Manually set charging energy thresholds to begin curtailing electric vehicle charging load, or integrate with a demand response management system to actively curtail load based on peak load mitigation requirements.

– Detailed curtailment reporting
– Defer infrastructure upgrades
– Scales effectively

SmartCharge Manager is the only direct load control solution for EV charging that can guarantee EV drivers have enough charge for their next trip.

Demand response
Add EV charging load to existing demand response programs or manage charging manually.

With real-time vehicle and charging data, operators are able to curtail electric vehicle charging in response to demand management signals.

– Real-time updates of available curtailment
– Demand Response signals for EV charging
– Open ADR 2.0 certified

FleetCarma C2 connected car OBD-II device

Guarantee EV range
Reduce range anxiety and increase enrollment by ensuring drivers receive enough charge.

Optimize and assign charging schedules according to driver preferences to ensure customer satisfaction and demand response event participation.

– Curtail charging based on battery state of charge
– Drivers set charging preferences
– Avoid demand charges

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Electric Vehicle Growing Pains

Electric vehicles are evolving and up-to-date data is critical for demand-side management.


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