Reward EV drivers for
charging at your charging stations.

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Offer rewards for EV drivers
Win customers with special programs
Works with all EV models
Gamification increases participation
Dashboard monitor customer charging

Attract and retain EV drivers as customers

SmartCharge Rewards Portal

Energy for EV drivers
Promote the use of clean energy to EV drivers with rewards for charging smarter.

The SmartCharge Platform can encourage EV drivers to charge with clean energy from select charging stations. Customers promote clean transportation by referring friends and competing to see who drives the cleanest

– Offer rewards for EV drivers
– Win customers with special programs
– Referral programs help spread the word

Profile electric vehicle load in your service territory.

Monitor EV charging
Find out what you’ve been missing with the most comprehensive vehicle and charging dataset.

Electric vehicle charging varies from one service territory to the next. Profiling EV charging ensures you have all the data required to make accurate planning decisions.

– No two utility territories are alike
– Real-time monitoring of EV behavior
– Easy to understand reporting

SmartCharge Rewards charging dashboard accessed on telephone

Based on gamification
Encourage participation with points accrual, achievement levels and rewards.

Drivers are able to share their recent achievements and EV charging status in the form of badges via social media sites. This in-turn can motivate others to drive clean and charge smarter.

– Gamification increases participation
– Participant dashboard status and updates
– Program dashboard monitors customer charging

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How gamification is used to manage EV charging load

Could gamification help us to tackle massive challenges for the electrical grid as we transition away from fossil fuels?


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