SmartCharge Manager
Utility Managed Electric Vehicle Load Shifting

The only direct load control solution that guarantees EV drivers will have enough charge for their next trip.

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Optimize electric vehicle charge management

Demand response management of EV charging

SmartCharge Manager makes it possible to manage EV charging by answering demand response signals with curtailable load.

Ensure drivers get enough range

Vehicle-side data monitors EV battery state-of-charge to intelligently curtail load so that drivers are guaranteed they receive the charge they require.

Iron out load curves

Automatic or managed charge curtailment
Manually set charging energy thresholds to begin curtailing electric vehicle charging load, or integrate with a demand response management system to actively curtail load based on peak load mitigation requirements.

Demand response management for EVs
With real-time vehicle and charging data, operators are able to curtail electric vehicle charging in response to demand management signals.

Detailed vehicle and charging data
Intelligently manage and forecast efficient methods for managing real-time load with the aid of detailed vehicle data including state-of-charge, driver preference curtailment windows, charging power levels, charging station identification and more.

Guarantee charge

Reduce range anxiety
Drivers rest easy knowing that they will receive the charge they require while participating in energy-saving programs, whenever they plug-in.

Set driver and vehicle preferences
Optimize and assign charging schedules according to driver preferences to ensure customer satisfaction, demand response event participation.

Avoid demand charges and defer upgrades
Aid the accelerated adoption of clean transportation by optimizing charging without the added cost of upgraded infrastructure.

Demand response
Battery charge
Charging location
Charging preferences
Detailed reporting

The best solution for managing EV charging load.

Stand alone load management

Manually set charging load thresholds to begin curtailing electric vehicle load for all or a subset of electric vehicles.

Combine with a DRMS

Integrate a demand response management system to answer demand response signals and curtail EV charging in combination with other DR programs.

Integrate with EVSEs

Works with networked charging stations to start, stop, curtail electric vehicle charging based on SmartCharge Platform optimizations.

Profile electric vehicle load in your service territory.

Detailed energy reporting

Charging load and curtailment reporting
Monitor all managed and unmanaged charging in real-time. Understand total available, dispatched and enrolled curtailment capacity.

Vehicle and charging data
Understand the impact of charging on your great with the most accurate data set possible. Match vehicle data with charging events which include battery state-of-charging.

Charging events by location
Map charging activity across all locations, including
networked and non-networked stations as well as charging inside and outside of a utility territory.

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