SmartCharge Profile
System-wide load profiling of electric vehicles

All the data utilities need to understand EV driving and charging behavior in a utility territory.

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Electric vehicle charging varies from one service territory to the next. Profiling EV charging ensures you have all the data required to make accurate planning decisions.

Pinpoint consumption on the grid

Knowing when and where electric vehicles charge is key to effective planning. As more EVs connect to the grid, real-time data can inform demand management strategies.

FleetCarma C2 connected car OBD-II device

Data is collected from EVs using a plug and play connected car device

Works with all EV models
Profile and manage all electric vehicles in a service territory, not just a few of them. SmartCharge Platform supports all common makes and models of electric vehicles.

Include all charging types
Monitor all-electric vehicle charging, no matter the type or location. Networked charging stations only provide data on a small portion of EV charging. Home, workplace, public charging or extension cord – we track them all.

Increased awareness
Aggregating and comparing data from all EV models and methods of charging will provide you with a complete understanding of charging behavior in a utility territory.

Awe-inspiring data sets

Battery state-of-charge
We can do things others can’t, like monitoring vehicle battery state-of-charge while driving and charging.

Connect the dots
Collecting data at the source, the vehicle, means that a deeper understanding of driving and charging behavior in a utility territory can be obtained. Detail which is required for accurate management and system planning.

Plays well with others
Get the best of both worlds. Using vehicle and charging data in conjunction with existing charging technologies presents exciting opportunities for data-rich insights and automation. We support opportunities for interoperability with existing tech.

Detailed reporting
Charging location
Battery charge
System load
Works with all EVs and chargers

Clean-tech for everyone

Easy, Plug-and-play

If you can plug in an EV, you can plug in our connected car device. Thousands of drivers have installed this device in their vehicles in mere seconds.

Auto configuration

Our connected car device does the rest. Pairing with the vehicle and configuring before making a secure connection to the cloud.

Real-time data-collection

Monitoring begins immediately after configuration. Vehicle and charging data starts being communicated in real-time. It's that easy.

Easy to understand reporting

Program reporting
Seeing is understanding, our dashboards visualize vehicle and charging data so that it can be understood at a glance.

You choose the format
We make program data more powerful by providing it to you, however you like it. Through our reports, exported spreadsheets, or sent by FTP.

In-house expert support
Our program managers love launching SmartCharge programs. We’re here to help you dig into your vehicle charging data sets. Tell them what you need, they haven’t been stumped yet.

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