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SmartCharge Arizona

SmartCharge Arizona

Optimize the power grid for increased adoption of EVs while keeping charging costs low for electric vehicle drivers.
Salt River Project


SmartCharge Rhode Island

Designed to help EV drivers reduce the cost of charging and enhance electric grid efficiency and resiliency – making electricity service more reliable.
National Grid

SmartCharge New York

SmartCharge New York

EV drivers living or charging in the service territory can earn rewards for charging off-peak periods. This program incentivizes drivers to charge when demand is low, shifting charging from evening to overnight.
Con Edison Company of New York

SmartCharge Nashville

SmartCharge Nashville

Electric vehicle drivers and utilities alike are planning for wider EV adoption. Drivers are asked to monitor their charging habits, in return they receive useful data regarding their EV.
Tennessee Valley Authority


EV Charge Tacoma

Tacoma needs to better understand how EVs affect the electric system and assist EV customers with new programs, education, and new services.
Tacoma Public Utilities


Duke Energy Charge FL

Planning for wider EV adoption, Florida is gathering data on how charging impacts the electric grid. Drivers earn rewards for helping understand mass charging.
Duke Energy Florida


LES EV Study

Lincoln is preparing for a plug-in future by gaining insight from EV customer charging behaviors. EV groups are pitching in by providing data on how they charge.
Lincoln Electric System

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