SmartCharge Rewards
Customer controlled electric vehicle load shifting

Shift vehicle charging load and win over customers by rewarding good charging habits.

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Happy customers

Electric vehicle drivers understand electricity demand. SmartCharge Rewards incorporates EV drivers so that you can integrate electric vehicles with the grid and transition to clean transportation successfully.

Desired load shape

Mitigate risk to your grid and encourage clean transportation with cooperation from EV drivers. Shift their charging off costly peak periods or onto periods when generation from renewables is highest.


Based on gamification

Positive incentive rewards
Rewards are an effective alternative to pricing signals. Apply flexible reward structures to achieve desired EV charging load shapes.

Encourage progress with goals
Drivers continue to participate thanks to ongoing points accrual, achievement levels and rewards. Who knew that charging smart could be so fun?

Social proof sharing
Drivers are able to share their recent achievements and EV charging status in the form of badges via social media sites. This in-turn can motivate others to drive clean and charge smarter.

EV drivers are part of the solution

EV drivers are ideal customers
EV drivers understand electricity and act accordingly. SmartCharge programs see higher enrollment rates than residential energy efficiency and demand management programs.

All EV drivers are welcome
An electric vehicle program for everyone. Include all common models of electric vehicles in the program. This increases program coverage to include over 90% of EV drivers.

Increase customer satisfaction
Communicate with customers more frequently and more effectively than what was possible before through the rewards platform.

Increase customer engagement
Flexible rewards and incentives
Manage load growth
Defer system upgrades
Works with all EVs and chargers

Shift EV charging load for all EV models and charging levels

Easy enrolment

Automated setup means that EV drivers can enroll and start participating in days. Thousands of drivers have already begun.

Driver dashboard

Participants get more from their EV by just plugging in. SmartCharge driver dashboards let drivers explore the performance of their EV, energy use and more.

Program dashboard

Monitor vehicle charging, reward distribution, participation and charging load. Change incentives to influence behavior and achieve your goals.

Flexibility and growth

Rewards are flexible
As your program grows, rewards and incentives can be modified as needed to improve performance. Since rewards can be distributed based on behavior and other factors, they can be adjusted without a lengthy regulatory process.

Program growth
As more EV drivers take to the road, your SmartCharge program will be there to reward good charging habits. As program sizes increase, per vehicle costs come down.

In-house expert support
We provide program and participant support with quick-start guides, program documentation and personalized support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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