Designed to manage the integration of electric vehicles with the grid.

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Manage EV charging
Easy, plug-and-play install
Works with all EV models
Real-time reporting dashboards
Monitor all types of charging

SmartCharge Platform scales to your needs

Profile electric vehicle load in your service territory.

Getting started
Understand the situation to accurately plan for future EV adoption.

SmartCharge Profile will provide your utility with all the information required to understand the impact of EV charging load in the service territory.

– Profile electric vehicle charging load
– Pinpoint consumption on the grid
– Easy to understand reporting

Get a complete understanding of electric vehicle charging in your service territory and begin managing charging load in a way that makes everyone smile.

Manage growing load
Shift vehicle charging load and win over customers by rewarding good charging habits.

Mitigate the risk to your grid from EV charging load. Shift charging off of costly peak periods or onto periods when generation from renewables is highest.

– Increase customer satisfaction
– Achieve desired load shape
– Futureproof flexibility and growth options

Operational management
Enroll electric vehicles into demand response programs to mitigate risk to your grid.

Take control of electric vehicle charging load by answering demand response signals with curtailable load. Keep customers happy by ensuring drivers get the charge they need.

– Profile electric vehicle charging load
– Pinpoint consumption on the grid
– Detailed curtailment reporting

Profile and manage ev charging load

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Understanding and managing EV charging load

To forecast and manage EV charging load, utilities need to understand EV charging behavior in their service territory.


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