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Solving the Case of EV Charging load

Before you can manage EV charging load, you need to better understand it. The only way to understand it is with data. EV charging load is unique to each service territory and will be influenced by things like climate, commuting patterns and electric vehicle specific market-share. 

SmartCharge Homes explains the dangers of using studies created for other utilities and emphasizes why you need data to understand EVs.

Why it’s Electrification my dear Wattson.

Understanding the problem of EV Charging Load with SmartCharge Profile

SmartCharge Homes and his companion Wattson are still working on solving the Case of EV Charging Load, but figuring out how to manage EV charging load is like feeling around in the dark. Luckily SmartCharge Profile provides utilities with the real-world data they need to get started.

You must understand the problem before finding a solution, it’s Electrification my dear Wattson!

The Case of EV Charging Load

You need data to understand EVs!

Profile EV Charging

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