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[4:24:13 PM] Simon Ouellette: We’ve received a lot of requests today for pictures of the stealth snowmobile that our CrossChasm Consulting division developed in the course of an R&D project with Defence R&D Canada.  Given the nature of the vehicle, we can’t provide the details that many would like.  For a picture, below is the best we can do at this point.  Enjoy!

Stealth Snowmobile Picture

Stealth Snowmobile Picture









For a more serious post, please link to this post below.  It doesn’t have picture of the stealth vehicle (sorry, we can’t share that info) but it does have a few pictures of one of our electric snowmobiles efficiently doing it’s job in a zero-emissions region of Greenland.

The link is:



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    !!! “The noise level of an internal combustion engine cannot be reduced to
    an acceptable level for missions where covertness may be required,” the
    Canadian government wrote in the agreement.