FleetCarma API. Vehicle Data. How you like it.

The first choice for accessing vehicle data within native software applications.


A flexible way to access and use vehicle data.

In addition to online dashboards, file-transfer utilities, email, and bulk-downloading, an application programming interface (API) allows programmatic interaction with vehicle trip and charging data. With the FleetCarma API it’s possible for existing software and platforms to connect to vehicle data affordably, easily and securely. This makes the FleetCarma API the first choice for app developers, fleet management software integrations and other platforms to access and use vehicle data within native software applications. There are two options, REST or Realtime API, we’ll help you select which is right for your application.


FleetCarma REST API

Representational state transfer (REST) is a common method for securely accessing information not unlike visiting a password protected website. The FleetCarma Rest API provides clients with the ability to securely request and receive vehicle data, trip logs and charging data.

The FleetCarma REST API is able to recall historical vehicle and fleet data. This includes GPS location, distance traveled, trip duration, energy / fuel use and more. Connect Microsoft Excel to the API to easily update spreadsheets or integrate the data into native software.

Use-case examples:
– Automate recurring reporting and billing
– Improve the billing process with accurate trip data
– Integrate data such as odometer into maintenance software
– Collect vehicle information for large-scale scientific studies


FleetCarma Realtime API

The FleetCarma Realtime API provides clients with the ability to receive a realtime stream of vehicle data securely for use within a native software application. This API can send information at anytime, without the need for a client-side web application or service to define parameters and request information. The data stream is configured upon setup and each client selects which signals are required in realtime.

Access unlimited amounts of vehicle, trip and EV charging signals in realtime with fast 1 minute interval data. Alternatively, configure the API to white-list signals, meaning, you only get the signals you need.

Use-case examples:
– Get real-time vehicle data in your native App or software platform
– Smarter EV charge management with realtime battery state-of-charge data
– Comply with privacy requirements, collect fleet data with GPS location obscured

Get vehicle data in your app or software application