FleetCarma’s Vehicle Research Platform makes it possible to collect vehicle data and monitor study progress remotely.

When it comes to vehicle research the data collection process can be expensive and tedious. Not to mention, scaling-up your study size becomes next to impossible. That’s why we’ve made conducting research easier for automotive researchers, engineers, OEMs and others.

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Accessing non-standard signals is a ‘snap’.

Easily access any vehicle signal without having to search for them.

Now automotive researchers can access non-standard vehicle data, such as electrical consumption, auxiliary power loads, odometer readings, charging event logs, and battery state-of-charge, battery state-of-health, along with conventional vehicle signals such as fuel consumption, vehicle speed, distance, location and more with ease.

The perfect automotive research tool for conducting studies on:

  • Fuel efficiency and emissions
  • EV efficiency and battery research
  • EV charging load on local utility grids
  • Autonomous and self-driving vehicles
  • More
Receiving your data from the cloud means there is no need to physically collect data from each vehicle.
Real-time vehicle data collection.

Remotely monitor and download research data throughout the duration of a study.

Capturing vehicle data in real-time means instead of waiting for a study to conclude, you can monitor its progress at any time and from anywhere. Receiving your data via the cloud also means there’s no manual transfer, nor will you have to physically collect the data from each vehicle.

You’ll find that other telematic solutions aren’t built for RAW data. Although they can deliver trip summaries, for example, they can’t provide you with second-by-second data that is recorded at the level of detail needed to base research findings on, ours can.

  • High-quality data builds vehicle profiles in one-second intervals.
  • RAW data contains the detail required to base study findings on.
  • Conduct real-time data analysis with our cloud platform.

Join the hundreds of automotive researchers who enjoy using the FleetCarma C2 to get instant access to standard and non-standard vehicle-signals in a RAW data format for research studies.

Conduct large vehicle research studies with the ability to deploy devices anywhere.
Sample sizes worthy of your study.

Highly scalable deployment makes execution of large studies possible.

Considering a large study? Because our device is plug-and-play, it can connect to any vehicle in seconds by a research assistant, grad student, or study participant. Installation is literally a snap and real-time data collection happens in the cloud within minutes. You can even mail the device to study participants, increasing the geographical range of your research.

  • Conduct a research study of any size, anywhere.
  • Deploy the C2 with no effort or technical know-how.
  • Study participants can install the devices in seconds.
  • Increase your study size for better results.
Use the vehicle research tool that was built by vehicle researchers
Focus on the findings.

We’ve perfected collecting data, so you can focus on the findings.

We understand the difficulties accessing non-standard vehicle data signals can create: expensive diagnostic equipment and reverse engineering the vehicles cost time and money when you need to stay within your study’s budget and also publish your findings as soon as you possibly can.

That’s why we developed this research solution. Using the C2 and our cloud platform, you’ll spend less time on setup, more on your research, and you can shorten your time to publication.

  • Use the vehicle research tool that was built by vehicle researchers.
  • Spend less time collecting your data and more time analyzing it.
  • Avoid reverse engineering signals and get right to the data.
Automotive research team
There’s no need to figure it all out alone.

We’re here to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Not only are we researchers who specialize in electric vehicles, but we’re also experts in our own product. This means that we can help you with absolutely any questions you may have about how the C2 can be best used for your needs. Consult with us to help you get the results you and your team are looking for.

Is there such a thing as having data that’s ‘too good’?

Learn about vehicle research.

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