We won, thanks to you!!

 In CEO's Corner

I sent this email out to a number of folks this morning, but I wanted to share it more broadly as there are many more people we want to thank.


Last night we received some great news:  the winners of the Apps For Vehicles Challenge
were announced and we won the Grand Prize – Popular Choice.  This happened because of you.

The Popular Choice award criteria was pretty simple; all the submissions that made the final round were posted online and anyone could vote for one.  Whoever got the most votes won.

For us, the popular vote was the most important part as it represents the voice of exactly who MyCarma is built for. You. And we take the large number of votes received as a clear message that fuel economy needs to be personal, and MyCarma/FleetCarma is the way to do that.

If you want to take another look at the submission it is here: http://vehicles.challenge.gov/submissions/14025-mycarma-personal-fuel-economy-label-mobile-app

We believe that winning this comes with a commitment. A commitment that we will continue to grow and invest in the technology and team behind MyCarma and FleetCarma. To continue to make fuel economy personal.  And simple.  And most importantly, fun!

Thank you so much for helping us to grow to where we are today.  We will continue to work tirelessly to make a positive impact and keep you proud of the work we’re doing.

Happy Driving,

Matt (on behalf of the entire CrossChasm/FleetCarma/MyCarma Team)

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