Everything you need to know about
fleet electrification in Nevada.

Join webinar host, Mark Goody for a detailed overview of ways Nevada fleets can save costs and reduce emissions now.

Thursday, November 15th 2018,
at 11:00 AM PST (45 Minutes)

For Fleet Managers who are interested in fleet electrification.

This webinar will provide an overview to programs which help fleet operators evaluate the most environmentally and fiscally responsible ways to electrify fleet vehicles.

Your webinar hosts Mark Goody will provide detailed overviews of real programs which Nevada fleets can run immediately.

Many fleet customers are looking at innovative ways to reduce costs, meet sustainability goals and prepare for the future. Electric vehicles can provide a great opportunity for communities and companies to reduce carbon emissions and save on fuel and other costs.

Everything you need to know about fleet electrification in Nevada:

  • Learn about challenges facing Nevada fleets
  • Learn about incentives available only in Nevada
  • Discover tools to evaluate EV suitability in your fleet
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Reduce cost of operation
  • Save on fuel and maintenance

Electric vehicles lower fleet carbon footprints, cost less to operate over the life of the vehicle and help support our mission by decreasing air emissions to improve the health and well-being of our communities.


Mark Goody,
Manager, Electric Vehicle Programs at FleetCarma, A Geotab Company