Welcoming the New Year with…Gas Predictions?

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Perhaps not the most cheerful way to welcome 2011. But is it true that gasoline prices will soar in the New Year and beyond? The answer depends on who you ask.

John Hofmeister was recently quoted as saying that much of the United States could see $5.00/gallon fuel prices by 2012.  Hofmeister, a former president of Shell Oil, currently spearheads the nonprofit Citizens for Affordable Energy.

Other industry experts were not as bleak in their predictions, but a significant enough increase – even if it’s less than the nickel mark – may spell trouble for many. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, gasoline expert Fred Rozell predicted that 15 states will see gasoline prices climb past $4.00/gallon by May. 

Everyone is asking the question, “How high will gas prices go?” From my perspective, the more important question is, “What are willing to do to prepare for higher gas prices?”  We all remember what happened in 2008 as drivers, both private and commercial, scrambled to figure out solutions.

Another critical question is, “What can we afford to do?”

Are fleets willing to consider a more rapid deployment of alternative vehicles fueled by propane, natural gas, or batteries? Route optimization through telematics? Accelerated vehicle replacements with more fuel-efficient gasoline-only models?

I’d like to hear your thoughts!

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