What are your vehicles saying?

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In our last post, we talked about the effects fleet vehicles have on your internal customers, or employees. Let’s switch gears and take a look at how your fleet vehicles can influence your external customers.

While the fleet vehicle is primarily a tool to accomplish a task, it is also a large part of corporate branding.  This statement applies to all fleet vehicles, from a passenger sedan supporting a sales function to a medium-duty truck getting dirty on the job site. So whether your customer is riding in your sales rep’s vehicle or following your supervisor’s crew cab pick-up on the highway, your fleet represents your company on the road.

Keeping fleet vehicles in good, clean condition is an easy way to reinforce a positive corporate image.  Even for vocational vehicles that live rough lives where it’s not practical to wash them on a weekly basis, simple policies such as replacing torn company decals or repairing significant body damage can make a big impact. Taking care of your assets can subtly convey the reassurance that you will also take good care of your clients.

Another important image consideration is your drivers, and how they are driving your company vehicles. A fleet vehicle, boasting your company logo, blasting through a red light is not the best ambassador for your brand.  That’s where a driver safety training program and/or a road safety observation reporting program (think ARI’s Driver Watch) can ensure that drivers are well aware of your company’s expectations while piloting a company asset as well as the possible consequences of not respecting those boundaries.

What does your fleet contribute in terms of marketing for your company? Do your customers ever comment (positive or negative) on your vehicles’ condition and your drivers’ behavior? We want to hear from you!

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